About Us

Our success is our focus on your safety!

MacPherson & Company focus has always been on glass for industry since we started in 1965.     In 1969 we’ve started                  Engineered Industrial Safety Windows servicing hot metal industry:

  • Melt shops (steel & aluminum)
  •  Scrap yards and Ship yards
  • Forge Shops and Foundries

The company history extends back to 1936 to Mr. Kenneth E. MacPherson Senior, the father of both Kenneth E. Jr. and Bruce M. MacPherson. Senior started All Weld Co, a steel fabrication company, in Cleveland, OH. Both boys grew up working in their father’s company. All Weld was known to supply commercial windows.

On November 1, 1965, MacPherson and Company was incorporated by the son, Kenneth E. Jr. as an industrial glass company supplier to the molten metal industry. Mr. Kenneth Jr. was a business graduate of Western Reserve College. Mr. Bruce M. joined his brother Kenneth in 1969. Bruce M. MacPherson graduated from Fenn College, with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and Chemical Engineering and worked in R&D in the metals industry. 

Initially MacPherson & Company supplied the Dual Heat Shield (IRR infrared reflecting) windows for molten metal operations. These windows cut the radiant heat energy transfer from over 50% to less than 2%. After Bruce developed the HOOGOVENS and joined Ken in 1969, MacPherson and Company’s focus shifted from just heat protection to an emphasize on impact explosion protection for steelworkers’ safety. MacPherson and Company started our line of explosion penetration resistant glass to meet the extreme impact the industrial industry needs to protect operators in the dangerous molten metal areas. 

Another common issue in mills was solved by MacPherson & Company’s EASY-RELEASE wedge lock retainers. The issue of long down time waiting for a local glazer to change the glass was replaced with the EASY-RELEASE that allows rapid changes of the windows, including resealing the window within minutes between the heats by in-house maintenance teams verses the waiting for the local glazer. The wedge retainers manufactured today will still work on these early EASY-RELEASE wedge lock brackets. Spare windows can be ordered when ordering a new Window Sash System, therefore, after your maintenance team has changed the window, either your team or your local glazer can change the glass. You can also send the spare windows back to us in the custom box crate and we can clean and repair used windows at a much-reduced rate of the new spare window cost.

Through the 70s, 80s and 90s Bruce MacPherson started giving mill consultations with the purchase of new Engineered Window Sash System. Ken and Bruce have traveled the world, supplying specialty windows to steel mills. HOOGOVENS has been tested from Netherlands to Australia. Today MacPherson & Company continues to give window safety consultations to mills and in recent years also supplies customers window safety training courses.

In 1997, MacPherson and Company expanded and moved to 95 Pelret Industrial Parkway in Berea, Ohio. This was a custom built, brand new and bigger building. In 2001, Kenneth Jr. retired and sold his portion of MacPherson & Company to MacPherson Engineering Inc. with Bruce and his wife Beverly. Mr. Kenneth, Jr., passed away on November 14, 2013. Mr. Bruce passed away June 17, 2015. Under Beverly, MacPherson Engineering Inc. became a woman owned business certified by WBENC. She passed away leaving to their five adult children as owners.  

Today Jane MacPherson, who had worked for the family in the engineering department for the company since 1989, has become CEO and with the help of other family members, continues the legacy passed down of supplying custom designed industrial window systems for safety protection in all heavy industrial applications.

Many changes have occurred under Jane. Production changes and R&D has been encouraged. New processes have been developed and the company started working towards ISO 9001 compliance to better serve our customers.

In 2020, Jane moved MacPherson & Company from the building in Berea, 60 miles to the new location in Warren, OH, expanding the manufacturing area to over double the space! 

For over 55 years, MacPherson & Company products continue to service the industrial communities with a variety of specialty products needed for the safety of the worker. We are proud to acknowledge the contributions of the generations of MacPhersons involved with our business… safety has become a proud family tradition.

Mr. Bruce M. MacPherson at 40