Engineered Sash Design

MACPHERSON™ Engineered Window Systems for safety protection feature fixed and rolling sash designs with either mild or stainless steel in thicknesses of 1/2″, 3/8”, 1/4”, 3/16”, or 1/8”. Our sales staff will help you determine your requirements based on the environmental concerns of heat and hot metal reactions. MACPHERSON® Sash together with our windows ensures maximum safety and convenience.

Our sash uses a high temperature silicone rubber seal preventing dust, fumes and noise from entering the operator’s crane cab, pulpit or mobile equipment.

MACPHERSONSASH includes the EASY-RELEASEWindow Wedge Lock Retainers which allow the window to float in the opening while avoiding the stresses from twisting cab structure. This design prevents damaging the glass. New additive to the heat side of our metal sash is our own formula of insulating paint for the extremely harsh conditions of melt shops and forging.

Exclusive Features

  • Engineered for best fit and maximum viewing
  • EASY-RELEASE® window retainer allows easy access to window for cleaning and replacing
  • Seals tightly against fumes, dust and noise
  • High temperature seal
  • Displaces vibration and twisting
  • For crane cabs, control rooms, and mobile equipment