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RADIANT Brand No. 101 Plate Glass*

Transparent Crystallized Glass

RADIANT Brand No. 101 Plate Glass* has outstanding resistance to heat and thermal shock, higher than any other RADIANT Brand Glass Products.

Typical Applications:

Blast Furnace runner covers -
Hot metal lathes -
Viewing ports for casters -
Anywhere molten splatter is a problem -
Anytime there is moisture on the glass-
Service temperatures reach 600o F. to 1400o F.


Heat Resistance, Max. Operating Temperature -

Continuous (long term)
1100o F
Continuous (typical)
1202o F
Short Term
1382o F

Thermal Shock - withstand 1400o F.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion - 3.3% x 10 -7/ ° C (0 - 300 ° C)

Mechanical Strength - Resistance to impact is substantially more than regular plate glass

Abrasion Resistance - 250% more than ordinary plate glass

Transmission of Short Infrared Radiation is 86% to 90%


3/16" Standard Thickness
30" x 60" Standard Sheet (larger sizes, special order)
24”x 36” Window size for heat shield protection

Tolerances - Thickness ± 1/32" Edges ± 1/16"

Note: Also available as RADIANT Brand Heat Shield - 101 Plate* ,

See our Heat Shield Folder

* RADIANT Brand is a Trademark of MacPherson & Company 09-99

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