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Specify: RADIANT Brand Dual Heat Shield.

Consisting of: RADIANT Brand H-102-SSR* Window, double glazed,

Outside Glass: BPS* Tempered Heat Shield Glass, 7/32”

Inside Glass: RADIANT Brand Tempered Heat Shield- Safety Glass 1/4”.


The RADIANT Brand Dual Heat Shield comes in standard sizes, complete unit...

24 x 24
30 x 30
12 x 18
24 x 30
30 x 36
15 x 36
24 x 36
30 x 42
18 x 24
24 x 48
30 x 48
18 x 30


Dimensions shown are inches of overall unit.

Replacement glass is shipped from stock.

New stock size 36" x 48". Refer to Bulletin D H/S.

MAXIMUM SIZE: 36" X 60" overall frame dimension.

ORDER: EASY-RELEASE* Window Retainer, Type W. Quick release feature offered for fast window change or for cleaning the outside glass. Minimum of two pair required for each sash opening.

ORDER: Silicone Sponge Rubber Strip, 1” w. x 3/16” thick x length for external seal. Silicone Sponge Rubber Strip is offered from stock as a SEAL between window and sash opening. Pressure sensitive adhesive on one side, it is attached directly to the opening.

Description data on Heat Shield glass and sash design available in other bulletins.

* Trademark of MacPherson & Company

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