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Radiation heat is transmitted through space by wave motion, the intensity and wave length distribution depending on the nature and temperature of the surface. This heat can only be controlled by insulator screening and not by general ventilation, according to Mr. G. F. Haines, Jr., Mellon Institute. Regular glass can not properly insulate direct radiation but heat reflective glass makes the most efficient transparent screen. This screening of radiation can reduce fatigue and protect against eye injury of personnel and improve work conditions in "hot spots."


Double glazing is suggested for most situations. This is especially true when air conditioning is provided. Many times more air conditioning capacity is required for ordinary double glazed window areas compared to insulating walls, therefore, it is necessary to control the BTU/ sq.ft. and the direct rays through the glass area. Refrigeration specialists say "that your cooling requirement can be reduced when using heat reflective glass for window areas on high radiant applications." The approach to a heat problem in a radiant environment is substantially different than when ambient air is the major consideration. This includes open control stations, and enclosed cabs and pulpits , without air conditioning.




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