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SAFE SHIELD* Safety Glass

Since 1970, SAFE-SHIELD* Glass has provided penetration resistant protection for operators at BOFs, Blast Furnaces, and Electric Arc Furnaces from:

  • Concussion from hot metal reactions
  • Flames from spills and reactions
  • Hard impacts (flying scrap)
  • Soft impacts (flying molten metal).

SAFE-SHIELD* Glass is a penetration resistant glass, that is superior to commercial “bullet resisting” glass in thermal and impact resistant properties. Like MULTI-GLASS*, SAFE-SHIELD* Glass provides protection from flying objects, even after the glass fractures. SAFE-SHIELD* Glass, however, provides additional protection from molten metal splash with its ability to withstand elevated temperatures. SAFE-SHIELD* products are designed in several thermal levels and thicknesses as required by service conditions.

SAFE-SHIELD* typically has an Infrared Reflective coating on the outer faceplate. This allows SAFE-SHIELD* to be used by itself where the depth is limited to a single glazing or as a final barrier to radiant heat associated with the hot metals industry.

The mounting of SAFE-SHIELD* Glass is critical to its performance. RADIANT Brand windows by MacPherson & Company can secure the ability of SAFE-SHIELD* Glass to stop objects from passing through the window. RADIANT Brand windows can be adapted to fit Crane and Mobile Equipment Cabs and Pulpit window openings. RADIANT Brand Windows installed with EASY-RELEASE* Window Retainers, can be changed in minutes.

SAFE-SHIELD* Safety Glass

In 1976, at J&L Steel Company (now Mittal Steel Company) in Cleveland, Ohio, a test was conducted using our 7/8” SAFE-SHIELD* and other products. The test consisted of mounting the windows into a box placed below the slag pit trough and molten slag poured on to the glass. Pictured above is our SAFE-SHIELD* Glass just after a dumping of 2900 ° F. slag. The red-hot steel slag can still be seen all around the box. Of all the products tested, MacPherson designed composite glasses were the only ones that passed.



* Trademark of MacPherson & Company

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