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MULTI-GLASS * Safety Glass:

Consider the Following:

A one half-ounce bullet from a 30-06 rifle has a tremendous impact. A 20-pound steel scrap exploding out of a furnace can also provide a lethal strike. However, the steel scrap has 640 times the mass of a one half-ounce slug. Therefore, the impact momentum (inertia) in the scrap can be over 36 times higher than the most powerful gun. Proper protection can only be achieved by using a penetration resistant product, such as, MULTI-GLASS*, that is designed to stop heavier objects.

Dispelling a Myth:

Some people believe that by tempering laminated glass, it is able to withstand a greater impact. In reality, adding tempered plate to a composite glass reduces penetration protection, and when fractured, it becomes a safety issue due to the lack of visibility.

MULTI-GLASS* Safety Glass provides protection from breakthrough or penetration of flying objects, even after the glass fractures. Unlike laminated tempered glass, visibility is maintained even after fracture of the glass. Therefore, replacement of the window can be scheduled on the "down turn" of the mill, when a spare is available, or at the first opportunity.

* Trademark of MacPherson & Company

MULTI-GLASS* Safety Glass:

  • When properly mounted will stop the inertia of heavier objects found in industrial applications.
  • Products are made to a patented design, which maximizes the amount of protection for any thickness we produce.
  • Is designed for low heat applications.
  • Products provide penetration protection for operators from projectiles while maximizing visibility.
  • Performs best when using MacPherson Brand Windows:

H-201-NSSR*, H-202-NSSR*, CS* Window

  • When used in a MacPherson Brand window, our EASY-RELEASE* Window Retainers can reduce replacement time to less than 5 minutes.
  • Products comes in thicknesses of:

1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 7/8", 1", 1-1/8".

  • No. 6409 7/8" thick was introduced in 1968 by MacPherson & Company. As a result of research and development, glass No. 6409, is included in United States Patent No. 3734815.

MacPherson & Company recommends that a heat reflecting glass be used to the outside on all penetration resistant products, when radiant heat is present. For elevated temperature service, see our SAFE-SHIELD* literature or consult our Sales department.

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