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HOOGOVENS Safety Glass

1-5/16” thick


Designed for BOF hot metal charging ladle cranes by Royal Dutch Steelworks Ltd. at Ijmuiden. Their Mr. G. Buhrmann spoke at the Open Hearth Committee of A.I.M.E., in Detroit, Michigan, April 1, 1970: All the important crane cabins and pulpits are equipped with ‘Hoogovens Safety Glass’ that is able to withstand 4400 foot-pounds with minimum heat-conductivity and maximum transparency. Hoogovens’ test size of 19.7” x 19.7” included repeated semi-pointed 35 pound steel bar dropped from 43 feet at the same location on the glass. Other tests included two drops each using molten steel and steel bar, without penetration.


Protects operators from massive molten metal reaction, flames and flying scrap in BOF operations. Use in ladle cranes and control pulpits and Mobile Equipment.

“Bullet-Proof” or Bullet-Resisting Glass is designed to withstand 130 KGM impact from a machine gun bullet, but will fail by dropping 7.8 KG at a height of 4 meters or 31.2 KGM.

ProofThe real test of ‘Hoogovens Safety Glass’ occurred in the winter of 1969-1970 when a charging crane cab was completely showered with molten steel from a BOF reaction. The crane operator was not injured. Again in 1972, this glass provided protection at a BOF in Buffalo, New York.

Standard Sizes – 24” x 24” and 24” x 36”. Suggested size not to exceed 4 – 6 sq. ft., due to the increased strength of smaller areas. Sizes over 40-5/16” x 58-5/16” are special.

Technical service and engineering assistance is available.

Developed in the Netherlands – Made in the U.S.A. – Used around the world


* Trademark of MacPherson & Company

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