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The company history extends back to 1936 when Mr. Kenneth E. MacPherson Senior, the father of Kenneth E. Jr. and Bruce M., started All Weld Co, steel fabrication company, in Cleveland, OH. Both boys worked for their father’s company.

On November 1, 1965, MacPherson and Company was founded by the son, Kenneth E. Jr. as an industrial glass company servicing the steel industry. Kenneth Jr. was a business graduate of Western Reserve College of Case Western Reserve University. After college, Kenneth Jr. worked as a sales representative before starting his own business. Mr. Bruce M. MacPherson joined his brother Kenneth in 1969. Bruce M. MacPherson graduated from Fenn College now part of Cleveland State University, with a deg ree in Metallurgical Engineering.

Mr. Bruce M. MacPherson at 40

MacPherson & Company began manufacturing the Dual Heat Shield (heat reflecting) windows for soaking pit cranes and related steelmaking operations where this window would cut the heat gain from 81% of radiant energy using double clear tempered glass to 8%. In 1969, the company developed the line of penetration resisting glass (composite type glass) to meet the needs of protecting operators from molten metal reactions.

Then, MacPherson & Company developed and fabricated custom designed framework and steel sash to hold the composite type glass from radiant heat vibration and mechanical stress. In 1977, the EASY-RELEASE wedge retainers was developed by MacPherson & Company that allowed rapid opening of windows from inside the crane cabins and resealing the window in less then a minute. The wedges produced today will work on these early windows.

In 1997, the company moved to its current location in Pelret Industrial Parkway in Berea, Ohio, a suburb south of Cleveland airport. In 2001, Kenneth Jr. retired and sold his portion of MacPherson & Company to MacPherson Engineering Inc. Berea is also the home of Baldwin Wallace College and the Cleveland Browns' training facility.

For over 50 years, MacPherson products continue to service the industrial communities with a variety of specialty products used in the metal industries. We are proud to acknowledge that three generations of MacPherson are presently involved with the business… and has become a proud family tradition.

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