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When operating with molten or red hot material, heat is a problem. Not only does it have an affect on equipment, but it can cause fatigue in operators. Heat is transferred by three forms; radiant, gradient, and convection. Convection is heat rising. Gradient is heat passing through a material. Radiant is the most pervasive. This is energy spreading outward in measurable wavelengths. The wavelengths that do the most damage are called inferred or IR. IR is the warm feeling you get on your face when sitting in front of a fire. On a cool autumn night it feels good. Eight hours in a crane cab, control room pulpit, or mobile equipment, it is very exhausting.

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That is why we offer glass that will prevent IR from entering a cab. Normal glass will allow up to 90% transmission of IR. With a single piece of our Heat Shield Glass, we can block over 70% of the transmission from a 3000° F. source. Our Dual Heat Shield will block 85% of the IR transmission. An additional benefit from using Heat Shield products is to lessen heat gain in the controlled environment making for less wear and tear on the air conditioning. Inquire into our Radiant Brand 101 Glass for extreme temperatures.
COMPARISON OF PROPERTIES CHART for different types of glass

GRAPH OF RADIATION TRANSMITION - shows transmission of thermal energy verses source temperature


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