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Engineered Products

The design of steel sash to hold windows with specialty glass for crane cabs and control room is our business. Glass that will withstand massive impacts without penetration requires structures of special designs that will hold this composite type glass. Structures for elevated temperature service requires special RADIANT Brand windows and special retaining systems. MacPherson and Company has experienced engineers on staff who can work with your engineering departments.

In addition to experience, MacPherson and Company engineering uses the latest technology for design. Autocad based design and engineering allows for highly productive and accurate designs. Fast turn around and compatibility with your existing engineering design systems is a major benefit of using MacPherson Engineering.

Designing windows in an architectural application is an art form. Designing windows in an industrial application requires technical and systematic detailing of the hazards and knowledge to correct a dangerous situation. Choosing the correct glass for an application is only part of the job. How the glass is mounted in the opening and how big the opening should be are critical for a safe environment. MACPHERSON SASH* provides a medium for mounting windows quickly and securely.

Packing The Glass

How the glass is FRAMED is vital to the performance of the glass. MacPherson Engineering can design windows that will keep an operator safe, comfortable, and productive.

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